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October 7th Call for Action

New York Call for Liberals to Join the ISO and WWP as Obama Pressure Groups

On March 4th this year millions of students, teachers, faculty, parents, community members and workers from a variety of sectors took to the streets in response to attacks on public education. Subsequently 5 joined the ISO and WWWP. Now those organizations are asking you to step up to the plate and donate money to support their publication of Socialist Worker and Socialist Action. These advanced theoretical publications require large financial support, most of which is provided by Ahmed Shawki’s nice cool $60 grand from working for the ISO. You should too, motherfucker.

Now, if you’re wondering how to fight the attacks on public education, you’ve come to the right people. They have been fighting and fighting and fighting and . . .  Basically it just comes down to we need to pressure the FUCK out of Obama. ISO and WWP have been pressuring Democrats since Carter, so you came to the right people.

and now for… a special section…

The Most Valuable Fighters of the ISO

Owen the Talkative, of Hunter College

We all know the enemy from the right. But even more dangerous is the enemy from the left…….


The situation on March 4th at Hunter College was amiss. The reformists had infiltrated every student group, and especially the ISO. Scoundrels from the organization the Internationalist Group, infiltrated the ISO and changed its political line in a sophisticated maneuver. Where once a revolutionary tradition stood proud, now only a smoldering reactionary rubble remained. The IG had won the day.

Or so it seemed…

The brave detective work of Owen the Talkative, in fact, was the decisive factor in eliminating the threat of IG infiltration at Hunter College. Owen’s bravely raised voice inadvertently alerted police to the presence of the IG spies, leading to the unplanned but helpful result of their removal from the action. The ISO was then able to continue to control the microphone and speakers list. Owen the Talkative was hailed a hero and raised upon the outreaching arms of the reformist (for now) masses.



the two should not be combined!



— Ahmed Shawki, our “Fearless Leader”

–Larry Hales

We say:


1. Olaniyan Adefumi - September 24, 2010

I am interested in the event. Please tell me where and when it will start and finish.

I have written some books that I like the school board to purchase. Proceeds from the sale of these books will be used to give students college scholarships. The name of the book is “Our Book, Kitabu Chetu, and the Worlds around Us.” This book addresses various issues, including homelessness, poetry, short stories, bicycling, etc.

2. Barbara Murphy - September 29, 2010

My name is Barbara Murphy, and I am one of the millions of individuals unemployed, but not discouraged. Being unemployed gave me a greater insite to what is really going on in the Public Schools, sometimes nothing. They want the kids to pass standarized testing, some of the teachers are not qualified, the students are NOT getting homework I mean literally NOOOOO homework. I participate as much as I can, I go to the meetings and parents are complaining about the same thing where is the child’s homework to study. If they are not bringing home the work how will they pass no reinforcement on the study. What is happening to the Public School system, it was not like this before the teachers cared about the student. The Charter school, why did the system let another entity come in and set up, to put Public School at shame. The Charter schools are just providing the information, I guess to a certain degree some of the teachers are probably more qualified or scrutinized on a higher level in Charter. Some Charter schools are taking it tooo far. Achievement First Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in the 5 years it has been around and I have been there from the beginning it has spiraled downward. They have had 3 different Principals all coming with more and more harsh rules. They are running the school like a BOOT CAMP, the kids are penalized about everything: cannot talk, cannot hug, cannot shake hands, if they make a noise, if there shoe is untied, if they there shirt is out of their pants, if they are not chanting in a certain way, if there books are not close, if they did not put their pencil down on time, I say this to say they cannot be them. You mean to tell me that they have time to keep track of every single student on a day to day basis about any and every little thing. I have sent letters to the Charter School, I have filed complaints, I have sent letters to the Senators and Mayors of our city, I have emailed the President, I have met with City officials, I have went to the Human Rights Office and guess what NOOOO Help!!!! No call back, No response or nothing and then they wonder why the country is going down in ashes. People work and have jobs but are not performing, how is it that they are not returning calls or sending an email or something I have been complaining about a very serious matter that me and my child 10 years old have been dealing with. I am stressed my child is stressed, this school have been a nightmare and now that I want to get him out of Charter and into Public it is like we cannot help you. They have us programmed to go to your Zone School, even though the zone school is doing TERRIBLE, ooh how unfair is that. Being out of work has really enlightened me on what is going on with the school system and our children and it is unfair. I need help and no one is answering me back. I would like to become more involved, I need to be on the Board or something, these kids need all the representation they can get. I want to be involved and I need some help on these issues that need to be addressed with this school. Unfortunately, I am at a point where i need to transfer my son out of that school and it has been pure HELL not for me but for my child.

3. Dear Reformist Masses « October 7th NY - October 7, 2010

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