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Occupy Everything October 8, 2010

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All hail the “movement”!


Dear Reformist Masses October 7, 2010

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To all the Reformist Masses and Counterrevolutionary Misleaders,

Make October 7th another demo not to remember. We can’t let this escalate beyond a stroll. We are marching fourth to do battle against all enemies right of center. His Smarminess, Doug Singsen, is singlehandedly to blame for the failure that was March 4th. Doug and Marvin Holland, that is. The reformists in the ISO and others drool to join the beds of those about to join the ranks of the middle bureaucracy. Make their shit history. Make October 7th a bust to remember.

When you finish with this reformist shit, check this shit out: http://www.internationalist.org/


P.S. the March 4th Committee has democratically decided to update the call for action. Please memorize it as you will be expected to recite it in order to gain access to the speakers platform.

What’s Next for the Struggle to Defend Public Education? March 11, 2010

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On March 4th, over 1,600 students, teachers and community members protested against budget cuts, school closures, the cancellation of the student Metrocard and MTA cutbacks in New York City.1 Tens of thousands protested in California, and thousands more protested in dozens of cities around the country. Come to an organizing meeting on Sunday, March 14th at 1 pm to discuss how we can build on the success of March 4th and continue the struggle to defend public education.

Estimated turnout in New York City: 100 at Brooklyn College, 100 at City College, 400 at Hunter College, 150 at Queens College, 600 at Governor Paterson’s office, 250 at the MTA hearings at FIT (before the arrival of the march from Paterson’s).

Next Organizing Meeting:
Sunday, March 14th, 1pm
Solidarity Center
55 West 17th Street, 5th floor

Google group: http://groups.google.com/group/march-4-education-ny
Email: march4ny@gmail.com
March 4th NY website: https://march4ny.wordpress.com/
National March 4th website: http://www.defendeducation.org