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Dear Reformist Masses October 7, 2010

Posted by deterritorialization in Actions, News, Opinion.

To all the Reformist Masses and Counterrevolutionary Misleaders,

Make October 7th another demo not to remember. We can’t let this escalate beyond a stroll. We are marching fourth to do battle against all enemies right of center. His Smarminess, Doug Singsen, is singlehandedly to blame for the failure that was March 4th. Doug and Marvin Holland, that is. The reformists in the ISO and others drool to join the beds of those about to join the ranks of the middle bureaucracy. Make their shit history. Make October 7th a bust to remember.

When you finish with this reformist shit, check this shit out: http://www.internationalist.org/


P.S. the March 4th Committee has democratically decided to update the call for action. Please memorize it as you will be expected to recite it in order to gain access to the speakers platform.



1. CC - October 7, 2010

“National Day of Action” yet you don’t want to escalate past a “stroll”? Doing battle? Lol? When the fascists try to take our public education the real defenders of students’ rights will stand up and engage in REAL direct action. All you’re doing here is creating a false opposition that safely let’s the government ignore us. Thousands of people can show up, they probably won’t. And even if they do, a “stroll” never succeeded in doing anything other than giving an outlet to the moderate student opposition to successfully do absolutely nothing. No resistance but real resistance! Radicalize the student opposition!

2. Sasha - October 7, 2010

This is actually incredibly hilarious and spot on. Kudos to whoever commandeered this site!

Fuck the ISO, Socialist Alternative and all the other leninist scumbags.

3. Hayduke - October 9, 2010

Fuck Leninism/Fuck Statism…RAAN like a motherfucker.

4. RAANista - October 9, 2010

Screw the 4th International, check out http://www.redanarchist.org

And props for fucking over the ISO’s stupid website.

5. DisappointedinIowa - October 11, 2010

the powers that be love it when equally irrelevant anarchists and socialists bicker and in-fight with each other rather than stand united against the real enemy. the vast majority of students don’t give a flying fuck about either one of your ideologies. Everyday students just want to be able to afford to go to school. What a sad, sad travesty this has become. Come to think of it, most of the so-called student protests on the East Coast seem to be complete shams, at least from where folks in the Midwest are standing.

6. Lenin and Trotsky Suck - October 11, 2010

fuck yea! fuck the ISO! they suck so much! hack everything! hack the world! occupy everything… including the state offices of the ISO!… and demand nothing!

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